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We cover everywhere from London (North London, South London, East London and West London) down to Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings, Worthing to Crawley, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. We're the South East's best Limo Hire company and won't be beaten on service!

Limousine Hire in London and the South East
Christmas and New Year Party Limousines. Christmas Party Limo's and Hummer's will make your office Xmas Party extra special!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and right at the top of the festive wish-list are brilliant parties!

Make this years office party the best ever by treating yourselves to an amazing limousine hire package. It's fantastic fun and incredible value (book early for an even lower price!).

Get the party started early in one of our fantastic Hummer limos or Excursion limousines. The built in karaoke systems will make sure that the night begins with a bang!

If you have a large group there is no better way to get to your party destination than in our incredible 16 seat Hummer limos.

These amazing machines have everything you could ever wish for, including ear-popping karaoke systems. Get the whole office going crazy, you'll never have experienced a journey like it!

We believe our limousine service is the best in the industry so don't leave it to chance, if you're organising a Christmas or New Year party make sure you talk to Hummers4Hire. This is where the party really starts...

Call now for an amazing deal, you simply won't get better – 0800 6 52 51 50

Bumper Christmas!
Even though we are in the middle of the biggest recession since the 1930's, we have never had a busier Christmas season.

The phones have been buzzing over the last few weeks with people requesting limousines for their office Christmas parties.

People are telling us that when they count up all of the taxi fares they would be paying (as well as the inconvenience of everyone waiting for ages in the cold trying to actually get a taxi) the cost of hiring a limousine for the journey home makes perfect sense.

We usually have some amazing last minute deals available and you can often hire a 16 seat limousine for 2 hours for around £200 (including bubbly). This works out at less than £15 per head which is incredible value for money. There would be more than enough time to get everyone safely home while also allowing the party to continue into the wee sma' hours!

So ask yourself, what would you rather do?
It's 1am and your office party is over. You've had a brilliant time eating, drinking and being merry. The lights go on and it's all over, time to go home. As everyone spills out onto the street there's not a taxi to be found anywhere. We've all been there... It's December so it's cold (and probably raining) and there's a huge queue at the taxi rank. People are arguing because someone tried to take somebody elses taxi. So you wait. And wait. And when you finally do get a taxi it's not exactly cheap either (but you don't mind, you'll pay just about anything to get home, as you're freezing and tired and just want to get to your bed). A rubbish end to what was, up to that point, a great night.

Or would you rather that this is how your evening went. It's 1am and your party night is over. The lights are on and everyone gets their coats and spills out onto the street. As usual it's freezing cold and there's not a taxi to be had anywhere. Miserable. Or at least it is for everyone else. There's a huge 16 seat Hummer quietly waiting to whisk you and your friends home. Brilliant! It's warm, incredibly comfortable and what's this? Bubbly and an onboard karaoke machine! The party continues all the way home! One by one your friends are dropped off at their homes. A perfectly safe and unforgetable way to end the night. You are still laughing as you close your front door and head off to bed.

What a difference a limousine can make! And it's not even particularly expensive when you remember that the cost is being spread across your group.

Hummers4Hire cover the whole of London and the surrounding areas. Our cars are brilliant and your chauffeurs are friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy and always make sure that you have a great time.

So don't have the usual miserable end to your Christmas or New Year party night. Call Hummers4Hire and make your journey home an experience you'll never forget.



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